Lindsay De las Alas, Fitness Instructor

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Lindsay De las Alas

Lindsay de las Alas is a busy mother of three living on the near-east side of Indianapolis. She became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in February 2021 after going through her own personal fitness transformation. In 2018, she started a health and fitness journey that led to a 67-lb weight loss and countless strength and confidence gains. This experience gives her a refreshing perspective as someone who knows what it feels like to start from scratch and fight your way towards achieving your ambitious goals. 
Lindsay loves working with beginners, because she knows exactly how overwhelming it can feel to get started with strength training and lifting weights. She focuses on evidence-based programming to help her clients reach their specific goals. No cookie-cutter workouts here! Every session is custom tailored to her clients wants, needs, and preferences. Her programs revolve around teaching busy individuals how to work smarter--not harder--in the gym to get the results they want without spending countless hours in the gym every week. Most of us need to spend less time on the treadmill and more time in the weight room to see the results we want!
She has a special place in her heart for training busy working women like herself--but she firmly believes that everyone deserves the safe, supportive space of a great personal trainer. If you're looking for a trainer who is ready to hear your story and help curate a workout plan that works for YOU, Lindsay's ready.
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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