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  • Personal Training Consultations- What to Expect

    Personal Training Consultations- What to Expect

    A lot of people are quite nervous when they come in for a 1:1 Personal Training Consultations, and rightfully so! Making changes is hard, especially after a REALLY hard year! If you stopped moving your body in 2020 that does NOT mean you’re a bad person! However, if you are ready to start moving again, 1:1 Training may be the perfect solution for you. 1:1 Training at Trivergence means that your Certified Personal Trainer has a workout that is personalized for your goals and fitness level. Your injuries, favorite ways to move and personality are always considered. The workouts are ready for you when you arrive. The Trainer is there for you… to support, cheer on ....

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  • Class Descriptions For Group Fitness

    Class Descriptions For Group Fitness

    Our group classes are a great way to reach your goals!! We have multiple options each day of the week. Strength Club is the most popular class and it is all weightlifting. This class focuses on building strength, doing the exercises with good form and progressively increasing the weights to increase overall strength. (55 minutes long) MetCon is a nice blend of weights, cardio and core. It is a full body workout every class. This workout can be adjusted to fit any level by using pace or weights as tools. (45 minutes long) Hiit Cardio is a 45 minute Cardio Interval class will get your heart pumping! We will utilize Bodyweight, Cycling, Rowing, Running and Plyometrics. This ....

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  • Check us out on the GR8 Comeback!

    Check us out on the GR8 Comeback!

    Randall Newsome from WISH TV stopped by the studio this week and tried a group class! Check it out! We currently offer 1:1 Personal Training and Group Training. Our studio is private and by appointment only so you never have to worry about a packed gym! 1:1 Training is the most specific so if you have specialized goals, injuries to work around, or you just don't feel comfortable working out around others yet... this is the option for you! Many clients start with 1-2 months of 1:1 and then move into group classes. 1:1 times are almost completely full- message us soon if you are interested. Group classes are also by reservation only and you will see the same people at the ....

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  • 2 Delicious Easy Breakfast Recipes

    2 Delicious Easy Breakfast Recipes

    Prepping meals helps me save time & money and I love having food ready when I need it. It definitely keeps me from eating things that make me feel sluggish! I make these two dishes every Sunday and they last me the entire week and there is usually a couple extra for my family too. After working with my clients, I can tell you that not having food options ready is one of the top reasons people overeat the things that they regret later. It is important to me to only cook foods that I look forward to eating and I want to share two amazingly easy recipes with you. They are so easy to make! I am able to prep both dishes in less than 30 minutes and they bake together! Each 9X11 ....

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  • Join Us For the Best Fitness Classes in Indianapolis

    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Indianapolis with Fitness Classes! At Trivergence Training, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next! We are offering Indianapolis a hands-on approach to Fitness Classes. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Trivergence Training and see for yourself what makes us the best Fitness Classes facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! ....

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