Class Descriptions For Group Fitness

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Class Descriptions For Group Fitness

Our group classes are a great way to reach your goals!!  We have options each day of the week.  

Strength Club is the most popular class and it is all weightlifting.  This class focuses on building strength, doing the exercises with good form and progressively increasing the weights to increase overall strength.  (55 minutes long)

MetCon is a nice blend of weights, cardio and core. It is a full body workout every class. This workout can be adjusted to fit any level by using pace or weights as tools. (45 minutes long)

Hiit Cardio is a 45 minute Cardio Interval class will get your heart pumping!  We will utilize Bodyweight, Cycling, Rowing, Running and Plyometrics. This class is ideal for building cardio endurance and stamina. The actual exercise time will be 25-30 minutes to allow plenty of time for cleaning between stations.  

Cycle: Cycle is a class that is on the bike for 45 minutes.  We incorporate resistance, standing, speed and endurance drills in this class.  This class can be adjusted for all levels. 

Vinyasa Yoga:  This class the perfect blend of movement, wellness and mindset.  A variety of stretches and poses are incorporated to leave you feeling loose, relaxed, and centered when it is over.  This class can be done in person or virtually.

Mobility and Flexibility: Get ready to slow down in this low impact stretching and moving class.  This class can be done in person or virtually.

Which one do you want to try first?  Schedule your first class by clicking this link:  First Class is FREE!  

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