Personal Training Consultations- What to Expect

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Personal Training Consultations- What to Expect

A lot of people are quite nervous when they come in for a 1:1 Personal Training Consultations, and rightfully so!  Making changes is hard, especially after a REALLY hard year!  If you stopped moving your body in 2020 that does NOT mean you’re a bad person! 


However, if you are ready to start moving again, 1:1 Training may be the perfect solution for you.  


1:1 Training at Trivergence means that your Certified Personal Trainer has a workout that is personalized for your goals and fitness level.  Your injuries, favorite ways to move and personality are always considered. The workouts are ready for you when you arrive. The Trainer is there for you… to support, cheer on and help during rough spots. They check up on you when you cancel.  They want you to succeed!  


The great thing about 1:1 Training is that you get to pick your schedule.  As long as you schedule ahead of time, you can secure the times you need.  Exercise is only sustainable if it is convenient and we know that.  We have trainers of all times of the day to help you stick with it.  


Here is how it goes when you come in for your 1:1 Training Consultation:


****You and your trainer sit down and talk about goals, things you’ve tried in the past, injuries you might have, and barriers that you are facing. 

****The trainer considers your goals and recommends the best plan for you to reach the goals you have, whether it be based on establishing a routine, health markers, fat loss, cardio endurance, weight gain, or sport specific.


****You discuss pricing options with your trainer.  This is where the reluctance usually is but the reality is that when we pay, we pay attention.  You WILL get better results with 1:1 training than group options.

1:1 Training is an investment in your health.  We know this.  We know because we have all hired Personal Trainers early in our fitness journeys too. We want to make your investment valuable to you!  All of us started personal training because we love helping people.

Our goal is to get you jumpstarted so you won’t need a trainer forever.  Many clients start with 1:1 for a few months and then move to group afterward, for budget purposes.  Either way, if budgets need to be approved with a family member, we recommend discussing this with your support system before your consultation.


****You set a tentative schedule with your trainer. Appointments can be scheduled and cancelled easily on the Mindbody app, but it is super important to be sure your schedule works with your trainer.


****If you want to measure or take progress photos, we can do that either in the consult or in the first few appointments. We know that not everyone is looking for fat loss, so if that seems daunting to you, we can come up with a different way to measure success.


****And the part that people are most nervous about…….


You will get a short workout too!  Wear workout clothes and bring water. It isn’t a long one, just get the heart pumping and get a feel for your starting point.  There is no need to apologize for being out of breath or needing breaks!  We work with lots of people who have had lulls in moving and we will start you where you are.  We are experienced in working around injuries and can offer ways to move for YOU that you might not have thought of.

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